Worst cars to buy in Canada

Just like it might be difficult choose the best car to buy in Canada, there is also a wide list of cars to avoid in Canada. There are many reasons the following list just won’t work in the conditions that occur in Canada. These cars are available for purchase in the country, but unless you are planning to get stuck a lot and have endless problems in snow conditions, I would avoid these cars at all cost. If you can’t afford better, then perhaps you should consider the second hand market, which will give you much better cars at lower prices.

Worst2BMX 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 and 7 Series

Even though these cars are great to drive for their power and abilities a race track, these cars should definitely not be considered for snow conditions. They make great power, but all the power is sent to the rear wheels, which means just touching the throttle on a corner with snow will send you into a spin.

Many of you might say “but the car had traction control and many other features to prevent that”. Yes it does, but those systems do not know what conditions you are driving in. They simply monitor the wheel and act when wheel start to slip. At that point it’s too late when driving in snow. The system will kick in and try to regain control, but if the car is already slipping and lost traction, those systems cannot do much. They depend on retaining traction, but how do you expect the car to regain traction if the road is cover in ice.

This rule does for just able any high powered rear wheel drive car. This means Jaguars, some Merc’s and some Audi’s are out.

Range Rover Sport, BMX X5 Sport, Porsche Cayenne

These types of cars have various things that count against them for snow driving. Sure they are “4×4 cars”, but they are focused on power and looks, which means they have low profile tires, big rims and way too much power.

The problem with low profile tires and snow is that these tires provide less thread, which means a lot less grip. Pulling away might be better than most with the 4 wheel drive system, but it issue comes in when you brake. Most of these big cars weight well over 2 tons, which is a lot of weight to bring to a stop and with the wrong tires, it’s even worse. Would recommend the smaller cars from the same range such as the Land Rover Discovery, BMX x5 3.0D (get the X-Drive).

Unfortunately Porsche does not provide a smaller model with better capabilities for snow and ice. The car has a number of great features, but it’s not the car to be in when it starts to slip and slide.

Hot Hatches

These little cars are so much fun to drive with their nippy throttles, but this and many other factors making it a horror in snow and ice. Many people race these cars in snow, but remember we are not talking about what the worst cars are to race with. Unfortunately the low profile tires play a part once again and the nippy throttle will not do you any favors when pulling away.