Surprising Facts about Canadian Transport

The Canadians has actually had some rather impressive achievements in the transport industry. Many people are more focused on the American achievements and the rest of the world, but not many people realize that the Canadians also had some impressive events in history. With this article we will look at some of the achievements they had as well as when they happened and by who. The list is not in any order and simply put together as the info was found.

Surprising2Frederick Baldwin

Fredrick Baldwin was the first Canadian to ever pilot an airplane. He was actually seventh in the world, which is an impressive accomplishment for any pilot. The pilot took off in Hammonsport, New York on March 12th 1908. The flew the plane called the Red Wing, which has a propeller behind the wing and was known as a biplane. Unfortunately, the event ended in terror as the plane flipped to its side and crashed after flying a total of 97 meters.

J.A.D. McCurdy

J.A.D. McCurdy also became famous as a pilot who flew the first plane in Canada. The plane was also a biplane, which was called the Silver Dart. Compared to todays planed it was very slow with an average speed of 65km/h. The plane flew for around 800 meters and completed an impressive 200 flights before being damaged beyond repair.


The R-100 was famous for being the very first and only rigid hull airplane in Canada. The plane was flown to England, which took a total of 4 days to arrive. During its visit in the country, its believed that over 1 million people came to see the plane. This was definitely a major mark in history for planes as we know them today. The event took place in the 1930’s and landed in Quebec on August 1st.

Avro Canada C102

The plane was built in 1949 and simply made its mark in history as the first Canadian jetliner. It was second in the world by just 2 weeks, but a major event nevertheless. The plane took to the skies for the first time in August 1949 during which it few over Malton Airport in Toronto. The following year the plane took on a much greater journey and became first to make an airmail delivery to New York.

Electric Car

All over the world people are talking about electric cars and so many companies are trying to perfect it. In Canada the first electric can was built over 100 years ago. William Still, Fredrick Featherstonehaugh designed the first electric motor in 1893. The can was capable of reach speeds up to 25km/h and could take 2 people at a time.

There are many other events that took place over the years and Canada are responsible for many of them. In fact, if you had to go look up transport history, you will find many Canadian designers and companies that brought their part to the development. There is also definitely a great future ahead for the country as they to have various companies coming up with the next best transport method.