Strange Canadian Car Facts

Not many people are aware of the fact that Canada is the 10th largest car manufacturing country in the world. The country produces an incredible 2.1 million are per annum, which are sold throughout Canada. Over the years the country has been involved with some interesting parts of history, which might surprise you.

In this article we will list a few of these facts. The list is not in any specific order and has simply been created as these facts were discovered.

The first driven car in Canada


Most people think the first driven car in Canada happened in the mid-19th century, but actually this event dates back to 1866 where Georges-Antoine Belcourt drove a steam engine car, which was imported from Philadelphia. There isn’t much info about the car, which is quite sad for such a historic event.

Crossing Canada

The Ford model T is still a popular car today as people like to modify them and put higher powered engines in these cars. The model T was also one of the first cars in Canada. In 1926 it was the first car to cross the entire country on its own power. This means the car used it own engine for the entire trip. I’m sure it took a very long time because back then the model T wasn’t exact fast.

Trans-Canada Highway

As you know there are various routes that can be used to get around in Canada, even when you are looking to travel long distances. However, did you know that the Trans-Canada highway was built in 1962 and offers an incredible 8,030km of road. This road has the ability to take motorist from St. Johns all the way to Victoria B.C. on a single road and no need to cross any boarders. Sure the drive would feel endless as 8,000km would take around 10 days to drive and then you doing almost 1,000km in a single day, which is not always possible, especially not for 10 days in a row.


Ford first became available for the Canadian market in the early 19th century, which came about when Hendry Ford and Gordon McGregor joined forces. Gordon was the owner of McGregor’s Walkerville Wagon Works, which transformed in the first Ford company in Canada.


In Ontario there were 182 car licensed on January first 1904 and as more and more cars became available the numbers started to grow as more people bought cars. These days in Ontario alone you will find over 10 million registered cars.

First Speed Limit

The first speed limit was brought in by Nova Scotia in 1907. The speed limit will confuse some people today, but back then the limit was 1 mile per 8 minutes, which works out to about 7.5 miles or 12km per hour, which means most people could run faster than the speed limit.


Salt in applied to the roads to help avoid ice buildup and snow on the roads. This has been done for many years and has proven to be quite effective. However, did you know a total of 4.9 million tons of salt is applied to the roads each year? Take a minute to think about how much that is.