Process of buying a Used Car

Buying a new car is fairly easy and straight forward and the dealership will so the work for you in most cases. The secondhand or used car procedure could be a bit different though. There are a few things you need to consider and look out for when buy a secondhand car. Here we will look at the steps needed for to successfully buy a secondhand car.

Find your car

There are many ways to find the perfect secondhand car. Most popular methods is using a website like Autotrader. This website allows you to filter results with the make, model, year model, fuel type, type of car, millage and many other options. In most cases these cars would be available from approved dealers, but private ads are also placed on the site.

Find out about the car


We recommend having the car checked by a mechanic who will be able to tell you about any current faults on the car and what it will cost to fix. Also be sure to get a UVIP check, which will indicate any prior accidents or outstanding fees of any sort.

Change of Ownership

This is the most important part after ensuring the car is in good condition. Unfortunately, some people get scammed out there and sometime end up buying a stolen car. The best way to avoid this is to take the registration papers and ensure the chassis number and engine numbers match those of the papers.

You can also have a clearance check done, which will ensure the car is in good standing with the law. Once all these steps have been completed its time to ensure all your documents are in order.
Many people would prefer to complete the transaction at a bank as they can ensure the transaction is done correctly and a witness is present. This also makes it safer for everyone involved when money is exchanged and when signing documents.

You (the new owner) will need the bill of sale, the UVIP (used vehicle information package) and the ownership papers. Be sure to put the date on all the documents as your signature will make you the legal owner of the car. We recommend this so there is no dispute when old fines come up.

Get Insured

Once the papers are signed you will be completed liable for the car. SO be sure to get insurance before even driving away from the transaction. Would not be a good day to take out your hard earned cash and having an accident moments after. Insurance will also be needed with MTO (Ministry of Transport).

Get Emissions Test

It’s best for the previous owner to get these documents in order before the transaction takes place because you will not be able to legally move the car without new plates, which will require those documents. You will be able to do it yourself if the previous owner is unable to, but it will cost you as you will either be required to tow the car, get dealer plates or get temp plates from the MTO.


Once all the pervious steps have been completed, you need to register the car, pay the taxes and receive your new plates. Along with the plates a new ownership letter will also be provided, which completed the steps required to owning your new car.