HTT Automobile

HTT Automobile is a well-known Canadian car development company, which has been created by Carl Descoteaux and Luc Chartrand who are both super car and race car fanatics. Their dream was to create the perfect super car that is suitable for both the road and the racetrack without the need to make major changes to any part of the car, but still had those options if needed.

The 2 passionate designers spent many hours designing the perfect car with every aspect considered to make it better balanced, lighter, faster and more thrilling than anything else. All their ideas became one after much consideration and finally the first HTT super car was born in a small garage in Montreal. The team required additional funds with the initial creation, which included an investor from the very beginning. This is also where the name came from and how the company now had a possible future.

HTT2The Car

The car they created was called the HTT Plethore, which made its first breathtaking display at the Montreal International Auto Show in 2007. The car was launched as the Locus Plethore at the time, but as you know, the name was changes at a later stage.

The car made a mark as a striking head turner with big air intakes, a low profile design and something that seems fast even when not moving at all. The designers used sharp lines to bring out every feature of the car, while using it to their advantage for better down force and drivability. The interior consists of 3 seats, which gives the driver a central racing position for perfect balance. And the best possible view on the road. The designers included some impressive features with the interior, which was created in a very futuristic way. Drives have easy access to various controls on the steering, navigation and many other luxuries you wouldn’t expect from a performance car.

The engine is a supercharged v8, which is the same engine used is a Corvette ZR1. This engine has been slightly modified to produce an incredible 750 hp and an impressive 888 Nm of torque. The company also offers a 1,100 hp version, which is a homemade engine for the serious drivers. The designer managed to keep the weight down even with the luxuries included with the interior. A total weight of just 1,134kg is presented, which gives the car a power to weight ratio of almost 1;1 when taking the more powerful option. They are considering a more powerful version, which will produce an amazing 1,300 hp, while also dropping the weight to 1,089 kg. This means the power to weight ratio will be that of a Formula One race car, which is perfectly legal to drive on the road.


Those of you who enjoy watching Dragons Den might be aware of the story. In 2011 the founders of the car appeared on the show asking for a $1.5 million investment for 20% of the company. The company got 2 offers of $1 million for 20% and half a million in loans. The deal never when through as the transmission of the car failed during a test drive. However, the company managed to get the funds from an unknown source after the show and place to build at least 6 cars each year.