GPS Units

GPS units completely changed the way we find our way around town or areas we don’t know. In earlier years you had to either know the areas really well or pull out the old map book and try find where you as where you want to go. The problem with map book were that you sometime forgot where you had to turn or read the book wrong and landed up somewhere completely different to where you want to be.

GPS units track your location and display you on a map on the screen. This way you can always keep an eye on where you going and where to turn next. The best part about a GPS is that you can search for different places and get the device to give you directions with voice, which means you don’t even need to look at the device anymore.

You can store your friends addresses, work addresses and other places you expect to visit often. Simply select the destination and the device will take you there no matter where your starting point may be.


In most cases the device will provide various options for you, such as avoiding toll roads, gravel roads or just about anything else you would not like to encounter. Users also have the ability to set multiple destinations, which means you can map out all the places you need to visit and have the device direct you to all of them without the need to put in addresses again throughout the day.
Below we will look at some of the most popular devices. These are not listed in any order, but might just provide the perfect features for your requirements.

Garmin Nuvi 2589LMT

This unit has a few features that you will definitely find impressive. This includes voice recognition, which allows users to communicate with the device and simply say the address you would like to go to. This once again makes it much safer to use while driving.

The only downfall of this unit is that the screen resolutions are not as good the as competition, which is a small price to pay as the screen doesn’t have to give you HD quality navigation, but some users will prefer a better screen.

Tom Tom Go 500

The Tom Tom is one of the more preferred brands. They features smooth finishes such as rounded corners and a sleek design. This device also comes with voice recognition, which has the same features as the Garmin, but the screen is much better. If you consider that the Tom Tom is around $50.00 cheaper than the Garmin, it should be an easy choice.

The device can be paired with your mobile phone, which will allow you to access traffic information. Some users might see this as a disadvantage. However, at the end of the day you will still be able to use all the features offered and only be required to connect your mobile when driving in cities.

Other Options

Smart phones have a massive range of apps that allows you to navigate just like one of these devices. Tom Tom and Garmin provide some of these apps, which gives you the exact same features as the GPS device. Users can also take advantage of Google maps, which is a free GPS unit or use the Apple navigation software.