Electric Cars in Canada

We all know electric cars are the future and are already becoming a part of life for many people around the world. It would be great if you can eliminate the rising fuel cost and save a few dollars every month. However, does the electric car have the ability to replace you fueled car or are there just too many hassles you need to get used to? There has been so many advances in this industry, but it might just been a little too soon to buy one of these and the huge prices might make you reconsider once again.

Electric2Many are prepared to buy electric cars

There have been many studies that have shown people buying new cars are actually willing to buy electric cars when factoring in the price of fuel. However, with follow up interviews these people actually preferred the hybrid option as they have the ability to switch to fuel while still saving a lot of money on fuel.

Unfortunately, the full electric option takes a long time to charge, which limits your freedom to quickly drive to the shops or visit friends over night unless you take the charging system with you and charge your car there, which in inconvenient. However, with the hybrid they have the option of switching between fuel and batteries, which is the best option as your freedom isn’t affected, but you still save on fuel.


Full electric cars are still fairly small, which doesn’t make it ideal for those looking to buy family cars. This is also a huge factor that came in when dong the survey on who would buy electric cars. For hybrid option on the other had is available on much greater sizes and features, which is once again why it was a favorite even over cars that run on fuel only.


This is one of the biggest problems with full electric cars. Unfortunately, companies building full electric cars are unable to provide a huge range, which means long distances might be a problem. As well all know in Canada just about every trip is long distance. This means you might reach your target, but you would need to charge the battery for a few hours before you can take a drive again.

This is where the main problem with electric cars comes in. What happens when the car runs flat in the middle of nowhere. I understand the car warns you and gives you all the info you need to know, but there isn’t much that can be done if the next possible charging station is 80km away and your car says it can only go for another 40 km.

For the reasons mentioned above there are many reasons people choose to stay away from electric cars for the time being. However, once more charging stations are available and the cars have the abilities to travel further on a full change these cars will become very popular and cost effective. If you are looking to save on fuel and be greener, we definitely recommend a hybrid, which gives you the best of both worlds.