Driving Tips for New Drivers

Being a young and new driver is always a scary experience the first few times. You free unsure about yourself, you definitely don’t want to get into an accident and you have no idea where you going or how to get there. Other people always make driving look so easy, as if they just work with the other drivers somehow. Well, it’s not all about the driver. The rules of the road also make things much easier and allow people to get to where they going safely.

However, many people seem to get over confident or simply ignore the rules of the road, which is where accidents come from. Many of you might be thinking most accidents occur because people do not pay attention, which is true, but paying attention and not allowing other objects take your attention away from the road is actually a rule, which is why texting and talking on a mobile device while driving is illegal.


There are over 450,000 road accidents each year on Canadian roads, which tells me all of us could be a little bit safer and take caution on the road. Plan your route and put away the mobile device while you driving.


Planning your trip and figuring out the route on roads you do not know is always a safe way to go. This will allow you to know exactly what lane you should be in and allow you all the time you need to make the changes. Many accidents happen because people just don’t pay attention and them try to act fast by cutting others off so they can get where they need to be. This is very stupid and selfish as you are creating risk for all the other drivers.

Check your car before getting on the road. A flat tire or damaged bumper is not uncommon to occur while the car is standing still. It’s possible that you drove over a nail on the way or that another driver drover into you while you were not in the car. These things happen, so be sure to walk around your car to make sure all is ok and that nothing is underneath your car either.

I’m sure all of you have seen those people who race through traffic thinking the road is a race track and they are simply racing themselves. These types of drivers are also a major cause of accidents on the roads as they try to push the limits and eventually get into a situation where they are out of options. Be safe and allow yourself a certain distance between you and other cars. Always be on the lookout ahead of you to prepare early of any breaking.

Mirrors are attached to the car for a reason, use them. Mirrors should not only be used when you are changing lanes, but actually every 5 to 10 seconds. This gives you the advantage to always know what’s going on around you, looking out for other drivers and what they are doing. This will also prepare you better when you need to change lanes and you would simply need to double check your mirrors before doing so safely.