Buyers Guide

Choosing the right car is hard enough since there are so many others out there, but now since we are in Canada there are so many other things to consider when buying a car. Most of the time a car that would be perfect for other countries won’t be ideal in Canada due to the conditions. You will need a car that can handle more terrains and provide better traction when on ice and also offer great safety features, which is what we will be looking at in this article.

We will go through a few key aspects that need to be considered with every car, we understand price also plays a great deal, which is why we will give you a list of features to find, make sure the car you buy has at least a few of these features to make your driving experience better, keep you and your family safe.

Buyers2All-Wheel Drive

Having all wheel drive will definitely improve you driving experience. This means all 4 wheels receive power from the engine, which will provide better traction when pulling away and will also better prevent the possibility of getting stuck off road or in thick snow. BMW, Mercedes and Audi among many others offer an active drive feature, which is all wheel drive, but should one of the wheel lose traction the car will stop providing power to that wheel and direct it to the other wheels. This makes it even better and getting out of tough situations even when you get stuck.

Engine Heater

An engine heater helps your car warm up faster in extreme conditions, which reduces the risk of engine damage and ensures the car runs at perfect temperature while driving. This is a very useful feature for any snow conditions.

Headlight Washer

There are different ways that manufacturers add this feature. It can either be a spray system, which sprays water onto your headlights or with wipers, which basically wipe your lights. Both of these systems ensure your lights stay clear of snow and ice while driving, which will provide better vision to the driver at night.

Heated Mirrors

Heated mirrors are a feature that will once again improve you vision while driving. The system is attached to your side mirrors, which will ensure no frost build up occurs while driving. The drive well be able to see what’s happening behind and next to him at all times. The mirrors simply heat up and melt and ice on the mirrors.

Wiper deicer

Wiper deicers allow the windshield wipers to stay free and be activated when needed. In extreme conditions many wipers freeze against the window, which will cause the motor to burn out when you try activate the wipers. With deicers you will not have this problem and the wipers are heated, which prevents ice buildup.

Remote Start

This feature is usually only available with more expensive cars, but if you are looking at more expensive cars, this might be a feature worth considering. The feature allows drivers to start their cars without being inside. This allows all the features to be activated before you enter the car. Windows can be defrosted, mirrors can be cleared, the engine will warm up and much more before you enter the car.