Bombardier Inc.

Bombardier Inc. is a multinational transportation and aerospace Canadian company, which was founded as Bombardier Snow Car Ltd in 1942 by Joseph Armand Bombardier. The company started out as a snowmobile design and manufacture company, which lead to many other impressive creations over the years. These included mass transportation equipment, business jets, recreational equipment as well as an financial service provider. Surprisingly, some people have never heard of the company, but when you consider it appears on the top 500 fortune with revenue of over $18 billion, the company is well worth finding out more about. Their head-quarters are based in Montreal, Quebec, Canada.


Bombardier, the founder of the company, was a mechanic in 1937 when his dream of building a vehicle that could travel on snow became a reality. He managed to design and produce the very first snowmobile in the small repair shop he owned to work on cars. He managed to sell 12 snowmobile, which gave him the next idea, designing a vehicle that could travel on snow and swamp conditions. These designs were also a great success for the designer.

The designer managed to create a vehicle that could be used for many purposes by just about anyone. Many people purchased these big snowmobiles to take children to choose, attend to injured people on snow, carry goods any time of the year and travel to work in any conditions. However, his success with standard snowmobiles was put on hold when the second world war caused the Canadian government to issue wartime regulations. This make Bombardier change his focus and produce vehicles that can be used during war conditions.

Once the war had settled, Bombardier returned to creating snowmobiles. However, by this time smaller engines were available, which offered the same or even more power than those he had used before. This gave the designer the opportunity to design the smaller, lighter snowmobile in the 1950’s. Bombardier spent many hours a day alongside his son to develop the vehicle, which finally became available for the public in 1959.

At first they did not seem all to popular unit a few were sold and people started to see the benefit of these vehicles. Not long after, people started having fun with the snowmobile and created various sports involving the vehicle. New models were produced shortly after by Bombardier and other companies who had joined in on the concept. These snow mobiles became faster, easier to handle and a lot more powerful with the thrill of the sport and the ability to transport 2 people at the same time.


Along with the success of the snowmobile, Bombardier had an opportunity to design and develop various aircrafts for the country by acquiring Canadair in 1986. This occurred after Canada’s government owned Aircraft Company had a major corporate loss. Bombardier created Aerospace, which involved Short Brothers, de Havilland Canada and Learjet operations to design and build aircrafts, which included various models from the CL-45 Water Bomber to business jets. Aerospace now produces have the company’s revenue.