Best Cars to Buy in Canada

This list is all about the cars worth considering in the conditions presented each year in Canada. This includes snow and all the other conditions as well. These cars provide specific features that will provide better handling and safety for all conditions. Each of these cars provide different features and different manufacturers to allow every person to find the perfect car.

With each of these cars you will be able to take an advanced driving course, which is definitely recommended to understand what the car is capable of. As mentioned these cars also provide different features, which will also be explained better with advanced driving courses.

Best2Panda 4×4

Not many people look at this car twice, but with its short wheel base and 4×4 system the car has some really impressive features that is more than capable of keeping up with the big and expensive 4×4 cars. It might not offer all the luxuries you want, but for the price it should definitely be considered.

Subaru Forester

The older version is still considered better than the current version, which means you will be able to get a good deal on it as well. The car has a lot more features and capabilities that can get you out of just able any situation. The all-wheel drive system is amazing and drivers will have many features to improve driving abilities. There are also many add-ons to make the car more luxurious and enjoyable. This is a car that will be enjoyed all year round and offer great space for those weekends away.

Mitsubishi Evo

This car has a few advanced setting that is usually only offered with race cars. Drivers have the ability to change between tarmac, snow and many other terrains that might come your way. With each of these setting different suspension setting are applied, which gives you the best traction settings and abilities. The car offers incredible power and has been a favorite for racing many years in a row. A fun car to drive and you might just first yourself sideways on purpose after the advanced driving course offered for the car.

Land Rover Discovery

These cars might cost a bit more than most would like to spend, but then again you are buying one of the best 4×4 cars available. The car comes with so many others and features that you will find yourself playing will all the features like a 5 year old. The car offers some advanced suspension settings, which can actually increase the ride height. Drivers will also benefit from the active 4×4 system, which provides power only to the wheels that have traction. This means the car will be more than capable of getting itself out of sticky situations.

There are also various terrain settings, which prepares the car for any situation. The interior also offers incredible features, which provide luxurious riding abilities even when you take the base model. This is the perfect snow, gravel, tarmac and rock climbing car for anyone, as long as you don’t mind being asked to tow others out when stuck.